Know Before You Tow

There are many things about towing a boat trailer, before you tow it. Knowing these things will increase the life of your trailers as well as provide a safer towing experience. The First thing you need to check is if the hitch ball is the correct size for the coupler. If the hitch ball is to small for example you run the risk of bouncing the trailer off the ball and losing the trailer down the road. Always double check that the coupler is locked onto the hitch ball. Next you should make sure that the safety chains are attached to the hitch. Many professional towers recommend crossing the chains. For example the chain on the left side of the trailer should be attached to the right side of the hitch. This provides a “net” to catch the nose of your trailer if it were to ever pop off the hitch.  Image

Next you should always check your straps and make sure they are tightened correctly. Now make sure your wheels are in working order. Do this by checking tire pressure, lug nuts, and always make sure your bearing are properly lubricated. Break fluid should always be full before you tow anything!!! It is also a good habit to check and make sure your brake fluid is clean.

If you have a boat on your trailer, make sure the boat is balanced correctly. Tongue weight should not exceed 5 – 7% of the total trailer load. ALWAYS make sure that your load is within the maximum carry capacity of the trailer!!!! Now that that is all done just make sure that everything on your boat is tied down. You wouldn’t want to lose something going down the road.

For more information on towing safety, trailer storage, or upkeep for a trailer, visit Dolphin Boat Trailers website. They have tons of useful information and great people that will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Their website is



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